Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier is a revolution in the Self-help book world:

- It uncovers the one essential conspiracy on this planet, the source of all suffering and how to combat it,

-  it is  an exposé of shady esoteric practices and teachings,

- a Lightworker and empath self-help manual,

-  it lays ethical groundwork for all forms of energy healing,

- it teaches about cults and brainwashing,

- and so much more.  

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier does not just stand still, and repackages existing esoteric teachings – it is moves forward with brutal honesty, but thorough positivity!

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier tells the true story of one person’s incredible quest for self-discovery, and the answers to why we are here and what exactly we should be doing with our lives. From an inquisitive childhood, full of promise and expectation, we follow Alexander down a much murkier path to the all consuming world of a modern day cult. And then a battle for identity ensues…                                                            Initially Alexander King, studying for a medical degree at the time, did just want to learn about Spiritual Healing, but the Teacher/Guru he found turned out to be the manipulative and sociopathic kind. A great battle for survival, to de-mask the Guru, and ultimately to de-program himself again ensued.
From this baptism with fire a stronger, more grounded Alexander emerged. All was not all well yet though, as after the cult, a few years of Chronic Fatigue followed. They gave Alexander the chance though to really test all sorts of spiritual tools and teachings on himself, to see which could actually stand up to the often so high flying promises they come with. In recent years Alexander King has worked as a full time masseur and healer and, through his dealings with many different clients, has learned even more about energies, both good and bad. In his practice Alexander King endeavours to help his clients to better health, healing and ‘enlightenment’ in a realistic manner.

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier starts as a personals story but finishes as a most unique and encompassing encyclopaedia of esoteric practices and teachings.

Alexander King's - Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier, is a refreshingly honest and different approach to things spiritual and esoteric. This book does not shy away from the big questions, and it dares to question the status quo. Alexander King does not just regurgitate all the same teachings, such as Karma, Re-incarnation, Angels, Cosmic Ordering et al., but actually delves deeper to see if and how they make sense, where they might incomplete or even erroneous? And Alexander then adds to the incomplete and fixes or suggests alternative theories for the erroneous.

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier is written for a wide audience - be it those already experienced in spiritual matters, especially those who too have come up against gurus or spiritual teachings, which feel misleading or incomplete. You too might have been promised so much, but for whatever reason, the fruitful spiritual harvest just does not manifest, or much slower than you were lead to believe it should? - Are you doing something wrong, or were you given unrealistic expectations or incomplete tools in the first place? Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier is just as useful for spiritual novices though, who want to avoid some common pitfalls on their budding spiritual journey; as well as for the just curious, who are interested to learn about an open, honest nondenominational approach to understanding all things spiritual.


There is much to be applauded in this book, from the courage it takes to follow your dream, to the bravery of standing up to those who seek to destroy it and to then speak up about the great untruths that still exist in this world, masquerading as fact. Take encouragement and guidance from this book and live your truth today!

Barbara Meklejohn-Free, author of the bestseller The Shaman Within

                (Moon Books)

Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier is available as a paperback and eBook from- (paperback and ebook) (currently runs sale on paperback (2/22/2016)) (cheapest ebook offer)


Amongst others, the following are some of the questions that Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier attempts to find sensible answers to:

What is the meaning of life

Does Karma, especially across lives, make sense? If it does not, what could regression experience be, where do they come from?

Can we take on other people’s energy? Can one protect oneself against such?

What is the nature of suffering, why do beings on this planet suffer

What are energies causing suffering? Where do the come from? How to combat them?

How much of ones suffering is really self-generated? Self-thought-up?

Is the Universe/ Creation/ Divine essentially good? And if so, why is there suffering?

Or is the Universe/ Creation/Divine both good and bad? And if so, which is stronger?

Why do some healings seem to drag on for such looong times?

What is the meaning of 'turning the other cheek'? And why should one forgive villains? Is there anything unforgivable?

To forgive or to revenge?

How can one be expected to unconditionally love All, even villains?

Is there circumstances in which one fights ones 'attackers' and how?

What spiritual weapons should and can one wield?

What are the ethical rules when channeling healing for someone?

How reliable are psychics? How likely is an accurate psychic reading? Is there circumstances/ energies that might influence psychic readings?

How extensive do healings have to be?

What is healing intend? How does one ‘intend’?

To visualize or not to visualize?

How much does one have to know about healing, to be a good healer?

What are we really responsible for? How far-reaching are we divinely expected to help our brethren?

Is it o.k. to live modern lives?

Would the Divine ever forsake one?

Is there sense in becoming 'empty' during meditation?

What is meditation?

How practical can one approach meditation?

Is our mind our enemy or our ally?

Is passion divine?

How to rid oneself of negative energies?

Energy cleansing - necessary? And if so how and how often?

Is Spirit monogamous?

Which esoteric teachings actually make sense, if looked at closer?

Which esoteric tools, commonly taught, worked (for me)?

How powerful really are tools like 'positive thinking'?

What dangers do incomplete or wrong esoteric/ spiritual teachings pose?

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