The anatomy of the Human Energy bodies - Chakras, Aura, Kundalini, Hara and Soul Star

The Anatomy of the Human Energy Bodies


Working spiritually and giving healing to myself and others has often made me wonder about the anatomy of the human spirit/ its energy bodies – especially the chakras, the different aura bodies, the Hara with it’s Dan Tiens and the Kundalini. Initially it took some time to suss out how the different energy structures and systems are build up themselves, e.g. I knew where the main chakras were, i.e. the mid-line of the torso, but I somehow could not match them up with the aura layers, which they are supposed to feed.  How are they connected? My quest for understanding was hampered on one hand by conflicting information. Multiple authors, at times, giving different account of e.g. chakra locations, colours, functions and meanings. Furthermore I could only find authors either writing about the Hara or Kundalini, but none seemed to bring the different systems together. Are they connected somehow? (The below is more detailed, re energy systems, then ‘Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier’, but in turn the book has some guided meditations examples on how to work with them, plus it goes into more depth regarding on how energy systems, influencing us in the grand scheme of things, work – and what factors may influence ones spiritual development. Well, at least for me it is not all just a steady path forward and up, sometimes it quite an up and down, things just do not seem to want to shift or even get worse for a while?)

My quest used to be more frantic in the past, as I was suffering from chronic fatigue and was very determined to potentially find anywounds, imbalances, blockages etc. that needed healing. Energy follows thought, so I had learned, and that I can ‘just’ visualize a e.g. blocked chakra as free and flowing again – and so it should happen! I was therefore under the impression that I needed to know what I was doing, where I was sending energy, of which colour etc. I did beg the good forces out there (or as I call them Ultimate Good) to please check all my work and correct it, where required, but then I did not want to create too much work for them or be a nuisance in some way either.

I relaxed somewhat when, with my Healing Trust (NFSH) Spiritual Healer training, I learned that healing energies are intelligent – they will go where needed most and do what needs doing! It took some time to fully trust in this, but I managed. Still we learned the Healing Act, i.e. a specific sequence in which a healer works through the chakras etc. It appears there is still a bit of energy guidance, one potentially ads to the energy flow. Or one e.g. feels or sees a chakra blocked or sluggish, and learns to listen to that info and hence e.g.  stay on such a chakra for longer. Again that is not essential, I know healers who just count to some number and move on to the next chakra. Being a bit clued in can make healing and other spiritual work more interesting though. If a healer knows that e.g. the navel chakra is an in and out for emotional energies connecting us to family and very close friends, that a blocked navel chakra can hint at some emotional problems on a family level… Besides that the human mind is inquisitive and for me at least it is great to learn about and ever more understand our bodies. I am aware that there is a bit of healer ego in it too. Knowing more gives us the illusion that we are good at something and might have greater ability to help. One just has to watch out to not get too cocky about it and remember that the very gross of the work is still done by the energies themselves!

I would just like to make very clear that my experiences, impressions and understandings of energies are not guaranteed reports and descriptions! I would not (ever? Well definitely not yet!) call myself a 100% reliable psychic. I do not really ‘see’ much psychically, I feel more and think I understand things. What I see are more like fleeting impressions. That does not necessarily make it much easier to describe energy systems. I find there is a danger too in being too confident about ones psychic abilities. I have experienced again and again that spiritual intuitions can be tampered with, during my own work or via information I have been told by psychics. Information that just did not make any sense, neither back then nor to date, after reflecting on it for a few more years. If a healer thinks he/ she knows 100% that they have to do such and such in such and such circumstance, and insist on such a healing, if they are in fact wrong, they might end up blocking or hindering the actual healing that needs to take place! Also I believe that our energetic bodies are likely just as complex as our physical – and humans do not really fully know yet what really goes on in a simple (physical) cell, what influences what, where, how etc. There is much more research available into the physical though – our physical bodies’ histology, physiology, bio chemistry etc., than there is research into out energetic bodies. Plus on a physical level, what scientists see under a microscope, measure in a lab, is quiet clear and replicable, whereas, three different psychics looking at the same person might all see something different; even with something as relatively straight forward as the colours of the aura, the number of chakras etc.

When I e.g. send green healing energy into the heart chakra with a know-it-all attitude (the heart chakra is green, right!?) – Spirit would likely tell me: ‘Are you sure you want green and not pink, like reported in other books? What shade of green exactly? Or a mix of shades? Are you sure there is only green going into the heart chakra?’ Even if I were able to answer all those queries correctly, they might go on: ‘And with those shades of green into the heart chakra, did you consider that you might have to take the blockage out first, before you can put in fresh energy? or do you need some fresh energy in first, to soften up the blockage and enable you to take it out? And what about blockages beyond the heart chakra, in the heart-chakra-aura layer? How does the energy get there? Is there something like energetic arteries? Where are they? And if you want to affect something on a heart-chakra-aura- level cellular level, what do the cells look like and what has to be done?’ You probably get my gist by now. Maybe if I give healing all my life and keep learning something new with each healing (and keep rememberingit all afterwards), I will be able to answer more and more of those questions semi-reliably - that is a big ‘If’ though.

So today when I visualize something during a healing session, I tell Spirit, it is only meant as a suggestion. If that suggestion helps guide some energies and I can hence add to the healing with my energy – great, if I am mistaken though, they should just ignore me. I have learned to use some of the energy I used to spend trying to visualize as accurately as possible, to try and ‘hold’ a good, loving and healthy healing intend instead (which is hard work in itself at times)! I.e. I find healing works best when I find the balance between not getting in the way of the energy flow, but yet being involved, learning and adding my energy to it as best as I can.

I have found there is another thing to consider too, when working with our energetic bodies – a potential evolution. It is a bit like the embryology of the soul. If I perceived correctly, my energy bodies have changed and developed over the years. It is as if, with increased energy channeling abilities, I have received upgrades and or new systems have gone online (-  I will mention more about this below.) This too is to be considered though when working with energies. When reading one author’s view of the chakras, they might be talking about a spiritual novice’s chakras, whereas another author might be further along the spiritual development paths (be that innate or acquired) when reporting about the chakras? Both might be right about what they ‘see’, but a novice might not work successfully with visualizing advanced chakras and vise versa.



The Chakras

During most healing sessions I work with 10 main chakras. Each has a front and a back side to it, which connect to a chakra center inside the body. Where the chakras are like funnels, the chakra centers are like a ball of light and I understand them a bit like the heart and brain of the associated aura body. I call the chakra centers chakra hearts as well. Whereas the front chakras are usually were you expect them, the back chakras, I sometimes find, can shift a bit, i.e. be a bit higher or lower than expected. Generally the front chakras seem to deal with current affairs, whereas the back chakras are where past (and potentially past life’s) stuff ends up. I.e. if we do not deal with, heal, or forgive a current conflict in the here and now, it will end up influencing the state of the back chakras. (N.B. Any suggestions I make about healings to perform on chakra levels, remember – many a problem is multi-level, i.e. it affects more than one chakra. Also usually not just the chakra will be affected, but the associated aura level(s) too. Then there might be other systems to consider, like Hara and or Kundalini etc. My suggestions are more there to get your intuitions and creativity flowing.)

There is:

The base chakra – red – physical energy and basic survival instincts. Maybe some sex too. The front chakra is found between the legs, on the middle of the perineum, the back base chakra is somewhere around/ on top of S2/3/4. If you are tackling a physical illness, you will probably require a good dose of healing on the base chakra level. Or if you had very deep seated levels of self-consciousness, on the line of thinking you do not deserve a physical body, you’d need healing here too (if you do not want to be on this planet, it is more and also healing on your grounding). If your energy levels are not as good as you’d like them to be, you might not get enough energy through your base (blocked?, sluggish?, defect?), or loose too much on this level.  Deep seated trauma, such as childhood abuse might sit here too!

The sacral chakra – vermillion/ dark orange – also called the sex chakra. I feel that we connect emotionally to sexual partners on this chakra level, but it is also important for self-confidence, as well as divine self-confidence (understanding ourselves as individualized divine spirits). The front sacral chakra is on tip of the pubic bone or just above and the back sacral a bit higher on top of about L4. If you have self-confidence issues, this is a good chakra to start your healing. Sexual performance issues, try healing here. Problems with an intimate partner will likely affect this level and require more healings, cleansings, protections and recharges here too.

The naval chakra – orange. This is where we were initially corded to our mothers in the womb, and were I find we are emotionally connected on a family or close friends level. Trying to clear unfavorable past generation’s DNA errors mainly requires work on this level (and probably on the base chakra level), but other levels could be affected too. The front chakra sits on top of the navel, whereas the back navel chakra is a bit higher, about L1/2. Problems with a family member or close friend, will likely affect this level and require more healings, cleansings, protections and energy recharges here.

The solar plexus chakra – yellow. This is where we exchange energies on a day-to-day human level, e.g. colleagues at work, the sales person in the supermarket, your lawyer or accountant, traffic  etc, etc. It supposedly is the main seat of our creativity too though, and yellow is supposed to attract money… It might be called solar plexus for a reason too – it is a bit like a sun shining in our bellies and major source of potential happiness. The front solar plexus chakra is on or just below the xiphoid process, the back side pretty much opposite on about T11. Problems with a colleague, that driver road raging against you, your frustration about your manager, or their frustrations about you etc., will likely affect this level and require more healings, cleansings, protections and energy recharges here. Problems with your creativity, as an artist, writer, marketer or else – check your solar plexus chakras…

The heart chakra – green. This is the seat of our divine unconditional love for everybody and everything! The front heart chakra is about half way up to two/thirds down the body of the sternum (excluding manubrium), the back slightly lower, i.e. about T6/7. In my understanding grief, heart-ache etc, should actually affect the lower emotional chakras more, but somehow they often seem to end up on one’s heart chakra too. Maybe that is because we think that these are matters of the heart, because we are told that they are? Or we have not understood unconditional love and our divine unconditional loving connection to everything fully yet? We then might think that what we e.g.  feel as romantic love (but often is so full of conditions) is divine, eternal, love and should be here, and consequently a heart break should end up here too? If you have problems empathizing or forgiving people, your heart chakra energy might not be flowing freely?

The higher heart chakra – turquoise. This is the seat of our divine unconditional love for ourselves. I think it is interesting that that sits ‘higher’ than the unconditional love for everything else. The front higher heart chakra is on about the middle of the manubrium sternum on top of our thymus. The back on/about T3. If you have problems loving, accepting and forgiving yourself, work here! The higher heart sits on top of the thymus, which regulates our self-recognition immune system, i.e. auto-immune disorders will often have their cause here. Perhaps if we do not love and accept ourselves unconditionally, that creates a greater chance of our immune system attacking ourselves?

The throat chakra – blue. This is the seat of our communication, as well as logic and rational thinking. The front is about on top of the cricoids cartilage (under the Adam’s apple), the back one about C4. If you have problems speaking your mind or being heard, this might be the level to work on. Problems with math or other rational systems, you might have to work on this level.

The third eye – indigo. This is where we process our senses, including our extra-sensory perception, for the outside world. The front chakra is between the eyebrows, whereas the back one is about on top of the external occipital protuberance. If you have problems with your outside senses definitely do not forget to work here too. If you want to re-discover, protect or strengthen your psychic abilities for outside issues, here is a good place to start.

The fifth eye – indigo. This is where we process our senses, including our extra-sensory perception, for ourselves. The front fifth eye chakra is in the middle of the forehead, the back one about the middle of the back skull, about where occipital and the right and left parietal bones meet. If you have problems feeling, sensing and understanding yourself, work here. If you want to re-discover, protect or strengthen your psychic abilities re yourself, here is a good place to start.

The crown chakra – purple/ violet. This is where we connect to the divine and higher truths. The front chakra is on top of our head, whereas the back one is towards the top of the back of our skull. The crown chakra is supposedly the biggest of all chakras and as a healer I was taught that most of the healing energy channeled comes through the crown, still it is the most abstract of all chakras to me and it is hard to tell how it really adds to ones day-to-day living?

Some lightworkers seem to work with more ‘eyes’. Supposedly there is 7. There is the 2 eyes, where our physical eyes are and the third and fifth, as above. Then there is the fourth eye, which I feel gives us perception about those close to us. The sixth eye, above the fifth and just under the hairline, I believe is our connection to our Higher Self. Finally the seventh eye, is about 2cm above the hairline, above the sixth, and our connection to our spiritual guides and protectors. I have worked with all of them and am grateful that I have spent the time to feel them and cleanse and (re-)activate them, as felt appropriate. Working with the 7th was one of the very few times I can remember that really got me a proper blissful buzz. The buzz only lasted for a few hours though, and, as of yet, I have not been able to experience it again. There is those who teach even ‘higher’ chakras, supposedly above our head, but when reading what they are supposed to do, they all seem to do the same thing – higher understanding, even higher understanding and then some. I have tried working with them and did feel something when doing so, but am all together not really sure if that was ‘real’ and useful or an illusion? It was not ‘mind-blowing’ in any way, like it had been promised to be. One lecturer told me that I probably was not ready yet! Maybe? Then again I did hear about them and work with them relatively early on, on my spiritual path and did not feel much. Years later, with thousands more hours of meditation and healing under my belt, I tried working with them again and again nothing earth shattering happened. Maybe I still was not ready? My other theory is that there might be energies out there that want lightworkers to keep chasing after higher and higher understandings and connections. These chases in fact only distract from being happy where we are and investing our energy here on Earth, for Earth and Human issues  - to improve our lives here and now. Plus I feel there is enough left to understand down here too, trying to understand the (spiritual) cosmos in these bodies might neither be helpful and or totally overload us?

Initially, when I started working with my chakras, I was quite insecure. I was never really sure where they are and if or not I felt anything, and if I did feel anything, if it was in the right place? If you experience similar, do not be disheartened – rest assured that if you ask for healing for a certain chakra, then it will happen (unless it does not require any healing (which would be rare, especially if you are relatively new at it)). Over time your self-confidence should improve and you should feel where you chakras are and what state they are in… If you are worried you might be spending too much time on a chakra, just tell the healing energies to ignore your staying too long and work on something else already.

 As for the evolution of my chakra system. I started with the 7 supposed main ones, as described by most esoteric literature. After a while I read about and added working on the Naval, Higher Heart and 5th eye chakras. Then I discovered and started working with the back chakras, which I now feel was the most important step of all, as they deal with past issues. Once we have healed any past influences, the past cannot catch up with us anymore (unpleasantly). I actually read in one book to keep my hands off the back chakras, working with them is not appropriate and supposedly dangerous. I am not sure why the author thought so, I feel he might have feared it might trigger a premature Kundalini release trauma? Well I did not experience such and have since given healing to all my clients’ back-chakras (1500+ of them) and never had any problems because of it. Furthermore I have had clients who have flowing Kundalini and blocked back chakras, so the two systems do not necessarily influence each other. I feel that if we work in conjunction with Ultimate Good, under their supervision and protection, they will do their utmost (which is a lot) to keep us safe! If the back-chakra-work prohibiting author’s theory were right then any kind of work that resolves past conflicts, traumas, fears, upsets etc, like psycho-therapy sessions, would potentially be dangerous. I feel that most humans, especially lightworkers, will agree though that forgiving and letting go of the (negative) past is important for once development – and cleansing, healing and protecting ones back-chakras is one way to do so!  

Furthermore I read that as one develops spiritually the chakra colours get richer/ deeper/ darker. I concur. Perhaps it is due to us then being able to channel more and more energy and it becomes more and more concentrated? In recent years, when clubbing, channeling healing for the crowd for several hours, sometimes my chakras seemed to turn white. The next day, just channeling for myself or a client they are usually their respective colours again though. The white might be to be able to channel even more energy or maybe it is just some healer megalomaniac illusion?

You might also want to check that your chakras are complete! I.e. sometimes bit and pieces might have been given away, lost of stolen. Furthermore, while you are at it, I’d ask that your chakras be upgraded to the best and most capable versions (as applicable), which might be especially important if you work as a healer (or else wise do lightwork for others, or bigger projects), and you use your chakras to channel energy for more than just yourself… (You can obviously ask for sensible upgrades for all your energetic energy systems…)

Then I went through a phase where I tried to drill down on the different functions of the chakras. I.e. e.g. the base chakra will likely be responsible for e.g. physical age/ anti-aging , health and strength and physical form/ shape. I ended up seeing sub-chakras outside and in front of the main chakras and worked with them for a while. Either they were not real again or they have now been integrated into the chakras inside my body? They are gone! Which is good too, because they were hard work to stay aware off and make sure they were protected too! I had a similar problem when trying to visualize how energies got to my chakras? I used to ‘see’ these great long hoses/ pillars of energy, that came from far, far away and slotted into my chakras – a bit like a fuel hose into a car. Again, when I felt off, weak or otherwise attacked,  it was hard not to get paranoid that those hoses might be attacked, infiltrated or squeezed off by unfriendly energies somewhere and hence the cause of my un-wellness. I could have spent forever trying to monitor those hoses and put healing into any interference. I asked Ultimate Good to take this off me, which I am sure they did, but then during crisis one does get tempted to add to the defense of energy supplies, outside ones bodies, with one’s own energy. All these worries are mostly a thing of the past now, as nowadays it usually feels as if Ultimate Good beams energy straight in and out of my chakra centers. I have gone wire-less J. Sometimes I am not so sure anymore if I even still have chakras, or is they have become obsolete? I also worked with side chakras for a while, i.e. where a main chakra has a front and back one, I saw a left side and a right side one as well. They too seem to have disappeared though, and might just have been an illusion or wishful thinking trying to ‘up’ my energies by establishing more in and output avenues…

I have also read that chakras have different numbers of petals or sub-funnels, i.e. each chakras funnel is made up of smaller funnels, where sub-funnels lead energy in or out. Supposedly the base chakra has least petals and the number of petals increases for each higher chakra.  It all ended up being to much to have to visualize at once though, plus it never really made too much sense to me, why ‘lower’ chakras should be smaller than higher chakras – so I never meddled with it. Furthermore the actual anatomy of the chakras might be so much more complex than just sub funnels too…

With regard of the chakras to the physical body it is said that usually the organs nearest to a chakra are most influenced by that chakra. It kind of makes sense, but I try to not get too bogged down on it. Any main chakra feeds a whole aurabody, which is at least as big as the physical, so all aurabodies cover all organs. It is not all, all straight forward. E.g. the stomach I see mostly influenced by the solar plexus chakra, whereas the liver, being the main organ to deal with emotions, is influences by all emotional chakras - sacral, naval and solar plexus. The lungs are closest to the heart chakra, but seem more rules by the throat…And giving healing to any physical organ will usually always require healing on base chakra level too. ..

If you buy a more detailed book about chakras, you’ll find there is supposed to be many more minor chakras. Again, so far I had enough work just taking care of the main chakras, so I have not bothered learning more about them. All our main joints supposedly have chakras, and I do at times work through my joints and make sure they are clear. From Hawaiian Huna I learned that we have torso corner chakras, i.e. in the upper corner of our chest and kind of next to the frontal upper spine of the iliac crest  - i.e. not actually in the shoulder or hip joints. I do work with these at times and feel they are mostly associated with the heart chakra…


The Aura

Initially the aura really puzzled me. I kept on getting it wrong. Usually you get pictures of the aura, which very clearly shows layers in different colours on top of each other, all nicely bordered off. I took these depictions literal and hence always thought that our aura bodies are in fact aura shells, stacked one on top of the other – like Russian nesting, Babushka dolls. The main problem I then got was, how do the chakras and chakra hearts actually connect to these aura layers, as they do not seem to be in the same place? Looking at aura photos (the kind you can get done on Mind Body Spirit exhibitions) the aura looks very different again – no clear cut borders and often many colours , kind of blotchy, in and around each other. I could not really reconcile these two different versions with each other? Both versions of these aura visualizations show the aura extending beyond our physical body. Most layered depictions show 7 main layers, having the same colours as the 7 main chakras: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple.

I did what my mind tends to do, I just ignored the problem and concentrated on other things. If I did healing and visualizations for my energy bodies I’d usually concentrate on my chakras and hoped that the energy would feed through to my aura layers as appropriate. Only a few years back it finally clicked – we have aura bodies! That means that the etheric body, fed by the base chakra will be in and around our physical body. The next, the emotional body, fed by our sacral and naval chakras, will too be in and around our physical body, as well as in and around the etheric body – i.e. extending a bit further than the etheric. The next would be our mental body, fed by the solar plexus chakra and which is in and around the physical, etheric and emotional bodies. And so forth. The usual layered depiction of the aura layers, I understood, is highly simplified and stylized. If aura colours mixed as physical colours do, then working from the outside in, the outermost layer would be purple, the next a mix of purple and indigo, the next layer a mix of purple, indigo and blue, then purple, indigo, blue plus green etc., etc. With those colour mixes it would be impossible to identify the actual main colour of each body, except the outermost, but it would have helped me to understand that we have aura bodies not shells or layers.

Now if I understand correctly though, the different aura bodies, even though they partially occupy the same space, do work independently of each other. The colours do not actually mix. They work at different frequencies, a bit like radio or TV channels, which stream in the same space, but do not interfere with each other. Considering that many things we experience are multi-level, there might be some way of different chakra levels to influence each other, but I am not 100% sure how that works exactly and how to describe it. The main energy which connects and harmonizes the different chakras seems to be the Hara…

As for the evolution of my aura, besides the above understandings, I’ll just quote from my book (Alexander King – Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier):

What happens to the aura in tight confined spaces, like the London Underground? If my aura extended, say one meter beyond my physical bodies (and in healing courses, when other healers tried to feel my aura, it was supposedly five meters wide), would it then not ‘fuse’ with other people’s auras, when I got close to them? So even if I cleaned/ healed my aura when I meditated, could I be getting everybody else’s confused energies when traveling on the tube? Or almost worse, if my un-wellness was intrinsic, people around me might get some of mine too? I disengaged this paranoia by changing my understanding of my aura. I thought to understand that my auric bodies were perhaps not ‘solid’ but just a shine, e.g. the emotional - yellow, solar plexus chakra energy shines 50cm beyond my physical body and the spiritual, purple, crown chakra energy one meter beyond my physical body. The actual shining light bulb would be where the main chakras meet inside my physical body and somewhat beyond. Now if everybody just shines, if the veneers intermingle, there is no risk of infecting each other. My understanding of my aura has since further evolved. After some time I once again believed that my aura bodies are solid, but that they would be quite malleable and that they can squeeze tight or expand to full size, depending on how much room is available and thus could avoid ‘cross-contamination’.

          Currently I work on the assumption that my aura does not extend beyond my physical body, again. I believe so, as supposedly everything has an aura, including animals, objects etc. It is easier to understand when imagining ourselves swimming. If water has an aura too, extending beyond its physical extend, it would potentially penetrate our aura and vice versa. What about the air surrounding us? We are always surrounded by other matter (with their auras), so unless our auras would fuse (making it very hard to build up effective energetic protections), our auras would always be ‘squeezed’ to the size of our physical bodies anyway.              

I do not tend to visualize much more re my aura or my client’s. As explained, I think that our aura bodies are probably just as complex and detailed as our physical bodies, so I would not know what I am doing and rather keep my hands off it. Sure, sometimes I might feel or see a heavy energy patch inside an aura body – I’ll then concentrate on it with a healing intend, but do let the healing energies do all the actual and detailed work…



Grounding work is to consciously connect to and work with healthy, divine Earth energies - usually connecting through ones heels. Earth energies are very nourishing, healing and help us cleanse out negative and stale energies, such as accumulated, stresses, fears, angers, frustrations etc. It mainly seems to flow via the skeletal system and enters the rest of our bodies from there…

I find grounding extremely important, but there is a whole chapter on Grounding in my book so no need to duplicate it all here.


The Hara

I see the Hara as this energy that comes in through the crown chakra on top and through the heels and base chakra on the bottom. It seems to be located pretty much in the middle of our body and seems to connect our chakra hearts, like the string of a string of pearls. There are also three main energy centers or Dan Tien. One in the lower belly, one in the upper chest and one in our head, towards the top. Or as I see it they are around the sacral chakra heart, around the higher heart chakra heart and around the 5th eye chakra heart (and or around the crown chakra heart, not too sure here). Some people work with the Dan Tiens mainly as energy reservoirs, some even pull intuitions out of them. When I initially started working with them and clearing them, that seemed to briefly work for me too, but nowadays, they are just there and contribute, but I do not work with them especially …

Initially I saw the Hara energies as see through. Over time they became more and more white. After that they started to take on a silver tinge up to sometimes being almost all silver… Funnily when I have my hands on the back of my client’s knees, there usually is very strong healing, of which most seems to take place in the Hara…

As mentioned, the main function seems to be to harmonize and coordinate the different chakra levels, plus healthy Hara energies seem to add an extra energy boost. There is more, but I’ll mention it after having discussed the next two, i.e. Kundalini energies and the Soul Star…


The Kundalini

The Kundalini energies are ‘higher’ energies too. Some say they are the most divine energies we possess? Some see them as two coiled up serpents, residing in the sacral bone, that rise and wind around the (back) chakras, as a human progresses spiritually. It looks very much like the Caduceus sign. The two snakes/ channels are called Ida and Pingala. In between the two snakes is an energy channel/ nadi, going straight up, called sushumna. It seems implied that once ones Kundalini energies have risen completely and connected with cosmic Kundalini in or over the Crown chakra, that pretty much means enlightenment. The same people claiming such usually put strong breaks onto that process though, they warn that an immature Kundalini rising can cause much harm and severe crisis. It sounds as If Kundalini rising could kind of cause energy blockages in ones back chakras to release all at once and poison once system?

Initially I followed the above advice and mostly left off any Kundalini work, but over the years I have become less fearful and have learned to not be afraid of challenging spiritual authorities/ writers/ gurus. What mainly quashed their theories for me was my experience with other healing energies and trusting that they are intelligent and do not harm. If Kundalini energies are divine, they will not rise, do things or go places that would trigger too much healing resistance and create uncontrollable problems. I did not push them, but I did start to meditate more on the Kundalini with a healing intent. Intending to unblock the system, where necessary etc. It felt more as if channeled healing energies were radiating from the outside onto Ida and Pingala, unblocked them,  and then allowed Kundalini energies toflow up. For whatever reason I only worked with the Ida and Pingala channels, and only recently made sure to clear my sushumna as well.  I did once get a bit of a sore spinal cord as a result of a Kundalini cleansing, but I gather that that was an unavoidable healing side effect. It was uncomfortable, but not debilitating and passed after a few days. What also made me more critical of common Kundalini teachings is that I had started to scan my client’s Kundalini energies regularly and have found that sometimes some have flowing Kundalini, regardless of not doing any conscious spiritual work and usually still having, at least some, blocked back chakras. If I were to try to find any underlying common thread for clients with flowing or freer Kundalini, it is that they on average seem quite happy and contend. They seem to enjoy their professions too (often creative ones, but not always) – so I think that overall they are more living their divine nature, life plan or whatever you want to call it…

Supposedly, when Kundalini energies rise, they give extra powers to the chakras – they super activate them. You hear quite fabulous accounts – you’d be very psychic, have full access to Akashic records, can have out of body experiences at will, create so much heat, you could melt yourself out of a snow drift etc. I have definitely become more sensitive since working spiritually, some of these sensitivities already surfaced about a year into my journey – I just did not understand them fully initially. Now, not having monitored my Kundalini much, except for the last few years – I cannot tell if my increased awareness went hand in hand with some Kundalini flow increase? My extra sensory sensitivities are still pretty unreliable, plus can still get tainted. As much as I tried for a while – out of body experiences have not materialized yet, nor any Akashic record access, that I am aware off, or e.g. more powerful psychic sight…I am quite confident though, that my Kundalini is quite strong, but could obviously be kidding myself?

Initially I started with transparent Kundalini too, then it became more white, then it started to take on a gold tinge until it was pretty much mostly golden….Whereas the Hara flows more in the mid-line of our bodies, the Kundalini flows more in the back, probably about where the spinal column is… I am not sure in which direction what flows, with Kundalini energies, so I keep out of it.


The Soul Star

The Soul Star is an energy center inside the tummy, about 2 finger widths above the navel. It is often described as the most divine energy we have, our unadulterated divine essence, our soul center. Sometimes I manage to connect soul star to soul star, which really gives you a feeling of oneness. It can be hard work though to get into that frequency and hold it, so I don’t do it often. Contrary to what I have read and been told, when working more closely with my soul star and those of clients, I have found adulterations, missing parts etc. One lecturer said it must be my meddling, resisting subconscious giving me those visions - could be? I rather think though that it is me having become open to the possibility of damaged soul stars. I.e. when I initially read about soul stars, quite early on in my journey, I read that they are always perfect! I then never dared to question their perfection and thought I always saw them perfect. Only once I allowed the possibility of faults did I start finding some… 

Initially I was not quite sure what the Soul Star does? When managing to connect to it’s energy it always gave a more or less instant sense of calm and serenity – maybe because it reminds us of our eternal being (there is no need to stress, if you have eternity to solve problems, plus you do not have to fear death anymore…). What I did notice though is that, as opposed to all other energy systems above, where energies seemed to come to them and connect to them (at least for the first few years), with the Soul Star, energies seem(ed) to always beam in and our directly… (All that said, it does feel like the very heart of the soul star is impeccably divine and hence invincible.)


Bringing it all together – Chakras, Hara, Soul Star, Kundalini…

In 2013, I think, all systems started to come more together and their function now makes more and more sense to me. I am still, at times, somewhat insecure, whether I am right, as I never read my theories mentioned anywhere else yet – but it feels ‘right’:

What happened is that the Hara and Kundalini started to fuse. Whereas I had always, more or less, considered the Kundalini as a closed energy system, now it opened up. When I say closed energy system I mean that , using the snake analogy and hearing some calling the Kundalini the seat of our divine essence – I thought that my Kundalini energy is limited and would remain inside my body. Were I to let it flow out of my body, I would leave my bodies… - Now I started seeing the Hara as the energy input system, which then connected to the Kundalini, flowed up the spine and partially left through my crown. Just as energy flows in and out of our chakras – the Hara-Kundalini system was now ‘open’! The Soul Star slotted in too – it was sitting on top of the Hara and looks bit like a pumping heart, helping to circulate energies around the Hara-Kundalini flow. The Hara-Kundalini-Soul Star system, all help now to harmonize and also boost my chakras. Currently energies are mostly white, with both silver and gold tinges, sometimes the silver/gold intensifies.

I had arguments with two more clued in clients, who thought that the Kundalini sushumna channel is actually the Hara, but can only say that I still feel that they are two different and distinct structures, the Hara being located further towards the middle of the body (in a side view).


(26/3/2015) The latest insight I feel I have received is, that the Soulstar-Hara –Kundalini System can be upgraded. I.e. over time the energies flowing through it can become ever more pure and powerful. (I am reminded of the angel hierarchies – Angels – Archangels – Principalities – Powers – Virtues - Dominions – Thrones – Cherubim – Seraphim – and ultimately -> Gods and Goddesses. The further up you go the hierarchy the more invincible the beings get). As we progress on our spiritual path, the energies could therefore be continuously upgraded. It makes sense to me,  and it potentially explains why e.g. I frequently experience a boost in energy, when I have worked on e.g. my Kundalini energies, but it does not last too long and perhaps the next day or so, it feels like things are almost back to normal. A bit like my energy increases by 10-20% when cleansing or discovering a (new) energy system, but then things go back and the overall energy increase effect is just +1 to 2%. Perhaps when we initially ‘free’ and re-activate our e.g. Kundalini etc., the energies flowing through it are not all pure divine yet, hence they can be impeded by energy resistances (coming from the outside or inside?). Hopefully, with time, the energies will be ever more pure and ‘unstoppable’ and more marked increases in energy levels (and potentially spiritual abilities) more permanent!

I  cannot tell you if and how my energies are going to evolve and develop further in future? I remain open to anything necessary and let Ultimate Good guide me, as well as cleanse, protect, change and upgrade my systems as they deem necessary and sensible. Overall -  I do mostly feel like I have more energy than in the past (all the work on my systems has brought benefits). That does not mean though, that when hit by a wholly of  negative energies , I cannot still feel all e.g. depressed or exhausted. I think to remain more steadfast during such attacks though….

EDIT 19/5/2017:

As I mentioned already I seem to experience an evolution of my energy systems, and it might well not have been concluded. These are the developments over the past year:

Aura: After communicating with the Ultimate Good Spirit of Air and Ether several times, and asking if it would be alright if my aura did extend beyond y body  - I always got a ‘Yes’ answer, so I am allowing it again. (NB it also makes other visualizations easier, like protective shield, pillars of Light, or the like).

Extra-corporeal/ Transpersonal Chakras: I learned about extra-corporeal / transpersonal chakras years ago. I.e. chakras that mostly sit on the Hara line, extending beyond our physical body, both above the head, and below our feet. I worked with the ones above the head for a while years back, and then they kind of seemed to be drawn, and incorporated into my Crown Chakra. Now they seem to be back externally too above me, as well as several beneath! Currently it is not quite clear how many there are, and what their exact functions are. When I ask my guides I currently get the answer that I have 16 chakras above my head and 13 below my feet? And it seems that roughly the chakras above are more and more spiritual, and perhaps allow more galactic, or intergalactic connections? Whereas the once below are going into the infrared, and seem to be responsible for physical shape, health, anti-ageing, etc…..

Hara and Kundalini:  Currently the Hara line seems to extend beyond the top and bottom of my body, with the extra-corporeal chakras lined up on it, whereasthe Kundalini seems to be a part of the Hara, branching  off at the bottom of my trunk, and reconnecting with the main Hara-flow at the top of my head (and or vise versa).

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