Why Copper Heelers might work – a spiritual/ energetic perspective

You might have seen people wearing copper bracelets, which are said to potentially alleviate arthritis pains? For a few years now there is copper heelers on the market too, which again are marketed as helping to alleviate arthritis pain. The original copper heelers website tries to explain why copper supposedly helps with arthritis pains, but in my opinion they do not make a very good point. (http://www.theoriginalcopperheeler.com/index.php?main_page=page_3 ) Their argument is that we absorb worn copper through the skin, and that that copper helps with all sorts of enzymatic activities and bone heath.  Sure, us humans need a minute amount of copper in our bodies to function healthily, but it is questionable if one would actually absorb any copper through the thick skin under ones feet? On top of that most wearers will likely wear socks or stockings, further making any absorption of copper via the soles impossible. If copper absorption via the skin, and an implied copper deficiency in the body, were the answer to why some people develop joint problems, one would likely be much better off wearing copper jewelry. Whenever I wear a copper bracelet, my wrist soon discolors with copper tarnish. Whereas wearing copper heelers (barefoot), there rarely is any discoloration under my feet (but then I do not check for it there often either.)

So why the supposed copious anecdotal positive feedback re copper heelers on their website (there is even a celebrity endorsement and other supposed health improvement success stories, having been published in large UK newspapers)? Are they real? I cannot say for sure. One hopes that newspaper articles are carefully researched and checked.  As for the general feedback on the website -  I am somewhat careful,  considering that their feedback system is not open to the public (i.e. the website’s admin posts supposed feedback to the site themselves; and I did not find one that was negative amongst them….). Amazon.co.uk ‘s public feedback system will likely be a more accurate feedback barometer. Copper heelers do get a 4 out of 5 star rating, out of 300+ feedback ratings left. There is those who claim miraculous pain relief, but also those who do not seem to have improved in their health wearing them. Higher ratings do outnumber the negative ones though, a 4-star rating seems pretty decent!

As a spiritual healer and having worked extensively with crystals and metals in meditation, I personally immediately thought that the positive claims about copper heelers might have some merit to them. Not because I am simply just gullible, and gobble up all things spiritual and esoteric as a given. I do have several years of medical training under my belt, and have just published a (constructive) critical insider-view book on all things esoteric – ‘Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier’ (O Books). No – I like copper. If I meditate with copper, hold it is on hand, it seems to help me connect to spiritual energies easier – I can focus better, and it has a warm and comforting energy. Furthermore , as a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master, I have learned about and used ‘grounding’ a lot over the last 10 years.

What is ‘grounding’?

Spiritual grounding is utilizing tools to consciously connect with healthy Earth energies. Similar to what some martial arts practitioners do – the pull chi from the Earth, through their feet, into their bodies, for extra strength and stability.

How does ’grounding’ work?

Grounding oneself is relatively easy. Some people visualize roots growing out of their feet. I find visualizing roots relatively cumbersome. Also, sometimes, especially in larger cities, we might have to go quite deep to get to fresh and healthy Earth energies. Some people might not visualize their roots deep enough… I prefer to just ask the healthy  Earth energies to come up and connect to my heels, or alternatively you can visualize, imagine, pray, or ask for- two beams of Light, coming up from deep in the Earth and connecting to your heels. If you are no good at visualizing, or think you do not have the time for it – the cheat way would be to just wear Copper Heelers! Copper is a great conductor for spiritual energies too, not just electric ones – so it can enhance our connection to Earth energies. Ultimately you do both, i.e. wear copper heelers, plus visualize them connecting you to healthy Earth energies. (We live in a free will system, so we will usually receive more spiritual help, when we ask for it. And visualizing a connection is akin to asking for one. (As mentioned you can just ask for a grounding connection too, e.g. ‘Grounding On – Thank You’ or ‘I ask for perfect connections and help to and from healthy Earth energies – Thank You!’). The additional benefit of wearing heelers is that, even if you do not visualize, and with that visualization enhance a grounding connection, they keep on helping to conduct energies as long as they are under your feet….

What are the benefits of ‘grounding’?

Ones you have connected to healthy Earth energies, whether you initially feel it or not, the Earth energies will start to ‘pull out’ negative and stale energies – such as accumulated stresses, fears, frustrations, sadness, guilt, envy, sickness etc. and give you fresh energies up. Grounding, as such is a bit like a spiritual enema for the soul. I feel that our connection to the Earth is one of the main ways for our bodies to rid themselves of negative and stale energies. Without a well established connection, we might accumulate such negative and stale energies – and in the long run they will likely not make us any happier and healthier. It is a bit like connecting our houses to a sewer system, when before we just dumped buckets out the window. Our quality of life and health should improve for it. (And if you are worried about burdening the Earth with your ‘crap’ energies, you do not have to. The Earth is quite large (compared to all humans). and grounding off negative and stale energies  is a bit like putting feces on field – it gets recycled and new things grow out of it.). When grounding and following that energy into my (or a client’s) body, Earth energies seem to primarily, initially move via our skeletal system. I reckon that is why people with arthritis might benefit from grounding (or wearing copper heelers) especially; even though the general positive effect on health and well-being should well be much wider.

 What if I already wear custom orthotics?

Ok, so copper heelers are basically a moulded piece of copper, which sits under half your foot, especially your heels. With healthy feet, to me, they are comfortable to wear. I wear them with my Birkenstocks at home, but would not go jogging on them.  Obviously copper is not a very flexible material, so for some people they might be too hard. Then there will be those people, who already wear custom orthotics -  copper heelers are relatively high, so wearing both orthotics and heelers will likely be too impractical or uncomfortable. If you still want to get some copper healing under your feet, try placing a copper penny or disc under your orthotics (custom or shop bought). I’d try it first, to see if it does not make any problem, and if the wear comfort is not diminished, you can superglue them into place. If neither heelers, nor penny work for you – you can still just use the grounding visualization on their own. You can visualize wherever and whenever. On the bus, at work, sitting, lying, walking first thing in the morning and or before going to sleep, etc. When I have my feet on the floor and the grounding is strong, it feel s a bit like my feet are being sucked to the floor (but again, initially feeling nothing, does not mean nothing is happening – just be patient and persistent).

Supposedly for full effect copper heelers should be worn regularly for at least 2 weeks….

You can order Copper healers from Amazon - just make sure you order your specific size range (I can only link to one size range)! Copper Heelers (size 6-9)

Disclaimer – none of the above is meant to replace any medical treatment or advise you receive. I hope that the above helps you, but always check with your health care practitioner before potentially discontinuing any treatment and or medication.

Feel free to share this blog – I just ask that you keep it as a whole/ unaltered, and reference it to me/ this website as the author. Thanks