Grounding and Earthing for Empaths

A bit of Info and tips on grounding and earthing.

What is Grounding?

Different people have different interpretations and understandings of grounding. For some it is techniques to become more conscious and aware in the NOW, and for others it goes deeper and literally means to consciously connect to healthy (divine) Earth energies (or Chi)too.

I recently found this nice suggestion to ground oneself into the moment on my newsfeed:

-          Breath deeply, in through your mouth, out through your nose

-          Slowly look around you and find:

-          5 things you can see

-          4 things you can touch

-          3things you can hear

-          2 things you can smell

-          1 emotion you feel

For spiritual/ energetic grounding I recommend:

To just visualize, imagine, pray or ask for two beams of Light, coming up from deep in the Earth, and connecting to your heels. Once you have visualized the connection, it will be established, and once you are connected, the Earth energies will pull out negative and stale energies, and give you fresh energies up! Well, it is nice to (at least once) ask the Earth energies for this help, but not 100% essential.

I find it very important to stay connected to healthy, divine Earth energies, to be ‘grounded’ as much and best as possible. Grounding seems to be one of the main tools of our energy bodies to get rid of negative and stale energies, as well as recharge - so it is good to have that connection! As empaths we do not just have to get rid of our own negative and stale energies, but also those that we get form others. Grounding is kind of a lightning rod to get rid of such energies ASAP. And sure, if I get big, heavy chunks of energy, it might take a while to ground everything, so patience is still a virtue.

Some learn to visualize roots growing out of ones feet and going into the Earth for their grounding. It is a nice picture, but paranoid me get’s worried that it might not go deep enough. Especially in big cities there can be plenty of accumulated heavy energies in the upper Earth crust, so if one just dips into that, there is les s guarantee that one will get fresh energies back up. Also when I am outside in crowds and imagine everyone schlepping a root system around I wonder if they would not get entangled? So just two beams of Light is what I use. (Or I guess used, as after a while of regular grounding mine seems to be mostly ‘wireless’ these days…)

What are the benefits of grounding?

As just mentioned, it is a way to get rid of negative and stale energies. We can get rid of such energies in a safe manner, i.e. the Earth is big and powerful enough to then transmute our crap energies and send them on to somewhere, where they can be appropriately dealt with.

In turn we get fresh energies, but it also feels like I am more centred when I am well grounded, calmer and it is less likely that I get pulled into emotions. I.e. it is easier to stay somewhat disconnected to the emotional drama of life around myself.

Another comforting facet of grounding or me is, that I know where Earth is. It is always there under my feet. Whereas I have not real clue where the e.g. angels live, I can always accurately visualize a connection to Earth.

Oh, and some people do not feel their connection to Earth straight away, when using grounding exercises, but usually it should become palpable with a bit of practice. When my grounding is strong, especially during healing work, it can feel a bit like my feet are being sucked to the floor.

What is Earthing?

Earthing is the physical side of grounding. I.e. when we e.g. walk barefoot on the ground, lie on the lawn, we are directly in contact with the Earth/ Ground. It is supposedly scientifically proven now, that this connection can have positive health benefit. We receive free electrons form the Earth, which are antioxidative, and our bodies come closer to being at zero Volt charge. I.e. with electrical equipment, outlets, Wifi, etc. around, if we measure our body voltage, it is usually not zero anymore, as it was before we were surrounded by artificial EM frequencies. There is some descriptive videos on YouTube about people measuring their body-voltage, connecting some earthing device, and their body-voltage goes down quickly…. With modern living, rubber soles on our shoes, isolating building materials, etc we are often not naturally grounded anymore. Many people also do not have the time to walk barefoot outside daily, it might be winter, they live in a mostly asphalted city, have no garden, etc.

We can still relatively easily create artificial ways to earth ourselves though. There is ready made earthing mats one can buy and. put under ones wrist at ones desk, under ones feet (at ones desk), under ones feet in ones bed, etc. Or again there is videos on YouTube showing DIY ways of e.g. earthing ones bed, with e.g. taping some window screen on ones mattress, or metal tape.  These devices then get connected with a wire to ‘earth’ of an electrical wall outlet, or if one has a house, with garden, they can be connected with a wire to a metal rod into the ground outside (not sure how lightening safe this method is?).

As I write this I have been using earthing devices for ca 3-4 weeks now. Cannot say for sure I feel any different for it. There is a certain comfort factor to sleeping in an earthed bed (but it might just be in my mind?). Maybe I do not feel that different though, because I have concentrated on energetic grounding daily for years already? Also I do not have any chronic pain, or other chronic inflammation in my body to improve… When I did work in a big office years ago I did feel somewhat disaffected from all the PCs, printers, etc around, so I would definitely get myself a grounding/earthling mat these days, and put one under my feet…

More info on Earthing here too -

Happy Grounding everyone! And as with so many spiritual tools, it may help some more than others. I am an Earth sign astrologically too, so have a strong affinity to Earth. But I have met people who are better to building up a healing connection to e.g water or the moon…

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