Self made Wifi and EM homeopathic nosode!

EM, WIFI, radiowaves etc have been shown to potentially disaffect human and animal health (some are obviously more disaffected than others, and some belief that those who feel disaffected are imagining it, but that is another discussion). It is near impossible to escape them though. So I have decided to create a homeopathic remedy to help my body cope better. Homeopathy is the science of supporting the body and self healing with a  like for like approach. If one uses exact like (diluted), it is also called a nosode! (I made this one myself, as I only found afterwards that produce  WIFI homeopathic remedy to buy. Bought remedies (if they exist) are less work, and remedies are exactly created and preserved, and they last pretty much forever. Since I found that there is a Wifi remedy, I have ordered a 200c and 1m off them too!)


Suggestion for self-made WIFI and EM homeopathic remedy/ nosode.


- minimum 2 brown 30ml glass dropper bottles

- distilled water (I just buy from local drug store)

- 10ml syringe

- labels

(- optional high potency 80% medicinal alcohol, or high volume vodka)


Fill one dropper bottles with distilled water, close and attach a label with ‘WIFI & EM’ written on it. Place next to your router and electric cables. (I attach the label at this stage already, as it adds intention, that I want to program the water with WIFI and EM energy)*

Leave next to router undisturbed for about 1week!

To make the remedy:

One gets the ingredients as above, plus a bowl (for the waste water), and a wide rimmed glass/ bowl (for clean distilled water).

Fill the water glass with distilled water.

Take the dropper bottle that has been sitting next to router, and sucuss it (minimum) 40 times. Sucussion means one shakes and knocks it on e.g. one’s leg 40 times, to potentize the nosode. (I put a flat pillow on my leg, as if one sucusses on the same spot many times, one might otherwise end up with a bruise)

This is an N1 stock solution. If one wants to keep this, label it as such and get another bottle.

Else dump out the water into your waste bowl being careful to leave a couple of drops in the bottle.

Suck up 10 ml clean distilled water with your syringe and add to bottle. Close and sucuss 40 times. This is a 1c remedy (i.e. the stock solution has been diluted ca 1:100 once!)

Dump out the water into your waste bowl being careful to leave a couple of drops in the bottle.

Suck up 10 ml clean distilled water with your syringe and add to bottle. Close and sucuss 40 times. This is a 2c remedy (i.e. the stock solution has been diluted ca 1:100 twice!)

Repeat this process until you get a 6c nosode. Either start using this, keep as a 6c bottle and keep diluting and sucussing till you get a 30c, or keep going till you get a 30c! You can keep going even further. The next standard dilution would be 200c (but that is a lot of work done manually). Make sure to label your bottles. I usually add the date at which I made the remedy to the label.

To use, I put a few drops under your tongue, and ideally do not eat, drink or smoke for 15min before and after use.

Very ill people usually start with using 6c (or even a 6x, which would be a 1:10 dilution 6-times potentized), as this is the lowest and weakest potency, and least likely to trigger a healing crisis. Else I usually start with a 30c. If there is a strong healing crisis, I go down to a 6c (or 6x), which is why it is good to have kept an N1 and 6c bottle). I use daily or even hourly initially, and then as I feel like.

When the bottle becomes near empty, I just fill up again with distilled water and sucuss.

One can also sucuss a few times before each use, which slightly alters the potency each time, and might be even more helpful.

Optionally one can add few drops of high volume alcohol to ones final potencies, to help preserve them longer. I am just not sure what then happens if I would e.g. use a 6c plus alcohol remedy and start diluting it further?


Known antidotes for homeopathics are coffee and mint.

Other ways to protect oneself against Wifi et al, I read about, are obviously avoidance (e.g. shutting off the modem during sleep hours), earthing oneself at the work place or ones bed, or electromagnetic shielding clothing (I bought a cap with silver thread in it, and though it felt comfy for a few nights, then it started to feel like the silver irritated my scalp a bit though?). I am also not sure that EM shielding clothing would actually have to be earthed (i.e. connected to the earth of an electrical outlet), to really be effective, which would immobilize one greatly. Also one can carry (and program) crystals to help one be shielded somewhat. Shungite is often marketed as especially effective here, but others might work well too? Then there is orgone devices that are sold for EM protection, but I usually do not feel them, when I test them, so they are not my personal choice. Furthermore there are plenty of other devices, pendants etc that are offered online as EM protection devices. They are often quite pricey and sometimes have a no return policy, so I have not tried any myself. They often come with fancy marketing slogans like quantum effect programming, some even promise regular software updates?. But as far as I know there is only some very expensive, experimental quantum processing computers out there yet, so I am dubious, if these devices are anything but clever marketing and placebo, But programming any crystal, and asking it to please help with protecting against, clearing out, and healing potential Wifi, et al damage will potentially enable some spiritual and quantum effects too, much cheaper though!


 *If you want to read more about programming water, I’d suggest e.g. Masaru Emoto – Hidden Messages in Water

For general knowledge about homeopathics and how they work I would suggest a google.


THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! If you want to heal yourself from an illness, please see a doctor, naturopath or certified homeopath. No responsibility is taken for damage caused through self-made homeopathic remedies, whether taken by oneself or given to others!