Eternity Meditation!

For those who can assume and or understand themselves (and everything) as eternal, individualized parts of the Divine….. Using it helps me calm down, pull strength out of my true divine reality, and it can be a great tool for forgiveness and seeing through the illusion of ‘bad’….

 As with any spiritual work, before you commence, it is prudent to ask The Divine for perfect support and guidance throughout - including: perfect protections,  healings, cleansings and recharges (of your energies) - as much as necessary, possible, available and sensible!

Remember what you are! You are eternal, individualized divine spirit!

Step outside the confines of your physical body – look at your true self from the outside!

Step outside the confines of Now and Time – Look at yourself from the outside and across time. As if looking down on a timeline/ Life-line of you. This timeline stretches into eternal past and into eternal future.  But zero in a bit into your current life. If you visualize your true nature as pure white Light, then in your past, of this current incarnation, your energy might have been tainted, grey, perhaps even darker than that? Having found this meditation, currently you are likely lighter again already though, and if you look into your future, it likely becomes lighter and lighter, as you have started to understand your true nature again, more and more…. If you look at what you were like before entering this body, you’ll likely see white light; if you look at yourself after leaving this body, you likely see white light again – stretching into eternity!

Now zoom out! Any darkness or greyness from this live becomes less and less significant in your eternal, white Life-line! The further you zoom out, the less you see the greyness, until it finally disappears into white! Even if you had a thousand incarnations, where you forget yourself and become greyer, the further you zoom out, even they disappear amongst your eternal White!

Now feel that Whiteness, that eternal true divine nature of yours inside your current body. I usually feel it in my soul star (2 finger width above my naval), but you might feel it somewhere else – that is fine!

Now feel how you are connected with everything, via this Whiteness. Perhaps start with the Earth and the Sun, then your divine Helpers and Guides; your family, friends, etc., etc.

You can now use that awareness of the Divine inside yourself and everything to heal relationships in your life, which are not harmonious yet.  – Find the divine White inside someone you have problems with, perhaps a difficult colleague, an ex-lover – or worse, if there is! (Start with a smaller conflict and work yourself up to bigger disharmonies over time! Trying to heal conflicts can sometimes trigger back-lash or healing crisis, so you want to give your bodies time to grow into their healing capacities and abilities to handle such back-lash or healing crisis. You can also connect to more abstract energies, like the energy of an illness, lack of money, etc.)  Try to feel the true divine White, the true divine Goodness in this foe too. If that is not possible, try looking at their time-/ Life-line! It might be very grey or even black in their current life, but look beyond – with them too , you will find White again and if you put your Life-line next to theirs and zoom out – you’ll end up seeing two white lines. Try to feel and understand that across eternity you are going to be One with your foe, pretty much in White and Love only. Any trouble there might be now, however severe, will fade into  insignificance! Now try to send your foe this realization and memory, send them Love and try to help them too, to ‘remember’ their true nature. Try to feel how they have left their White and how they are lost (for the time being) – any dislike or even hate you might hold for that being, will change into nothing but Love and Pity. If it does not happen yet, just repeat this exercise, as often as you like and feel necessary. At some point they cannot hurt you anymore, neither in the Now, nor in your memory!

Now if you are looking at a very confused being – what humans would call ‘evil’, like a despotic dictator, you might not find the true White inside them, but somewhere else, outside of them. Their White still exists, but for them it is currently ‘lost’. Ask their White and their divine Helpers and Guides, to send their White back to them – for you are seeking healing and an end to your suffering! Their White will be returned to them and start acting as a portal for healing energies for them, inside of them. But do be patient! The complexer the confusion, your foe might be entangled in, the longer it might take to heal and disentangle them…..

Now return to your body! Ground yourself and know that you can always find your White again, whenever you need it’s strength, Love, Happiness or Comfort!