A perfect Prayer!

The following prayer, is taken from Tours and Cures of a Lightsoldier (Alexander King). It
sums up everything we should ask for, to make our lives as
loving, happy, effortless and free from suffering as possible. It
can be said aloud or introspectively to be heard by True Ultimate
Good forces. This prayer just has to be said once. It serves as a
‘standing order’ – the ultimate, all-encompassing request/plea.
You are more than welcome to give thanks, whenever you
remember, for Ultimate Good’s continuous help and support thereafter. In
times of crisis though, I don’t want to just stand by so I might
repeat this or other prayers again. Feel free to adjust prayers to
the needs at hand. For example if I was looking for a job, I’d thank
Ultimate Good for their perfect help in finding the perfect job.
When I feel I should write a book, I ask for specific help with that.
Nothing is too big or small to ask help for – especially if you want
to be free of the suffering it causes.

Dear Ultimate Good, my wonderful Healers, Helpers, Guides,
Cleansers and Protectors, I would like to ask and thank you for all of the
For your assistance (/continued assistance) in perfectly helping me,
my bodies and my life to heal, cleanse, be protected, recharged and restored.
Perfect help, wherever, whenever, whatever and however, as minute, or far-reaching
and complex as necessary, possible, available and sensible –
albeit in the past, present and/or future.
Thank you that your help is as strong, speedy and safe as applicable,
necessary, possible, available and sensible at any given time. Thank you
that all healings are as pain free and effortless as possible, available and
sensible – if ever possible that there are no negative, uncomfortable side
effects or healing crises before, during or after any healing. I give you
carte blanche with regard to how much, how, where, when and how
frequently you help – and please ignore any restrictions I might still
hold in my mind and subconscious which restrict the amount or type of
help I wish for, expect or believe possible.
                                                                                                                                                                            Thank you that you help me live and work with and in the Light and that should I go astray, you
always lead me back to it. Thank you for helping me to completely
forgive myself for any suffering chosen – past, present or future. Thank
you for being understanding, for bearing with me at all times –
ignoring any doubts and fears I might have, receive or give into. My
sincerest apologies should I ever misjudge you and blame you for
misfortune I might encounter, which are none of your fault.
Thank you for helping me become ever more unconditionally loving,
my actual divine self. Thank you for your help that my life becomes ever
more effortless, joyful, and successful. Thank you for your strong and
perfect protections – that you protect me and those dear to me against
negativity from the inside and outside and the outside against us and
negativities associated with us – as applicable, necessary, possible,
available and sensible. Please protect yourselves as necessary and don’t
overexert yourselves on my behalf.
Thank you for always removing all negativities coming out of me,
through me or which are set free through my healing work anywhere
else, as safely as necessary, possible, available and sensible. Please take
them away for rehabilitation, safekeeping or for whatever else you see
fit. Thank you for continuously helping to diminish the overall, longterm
suffering bottom line for myself, my bodies and my life, and that
due to all healings associated with my life, no other being suffers an
increase in its overall, long-term suffering bottom line. Thank you,
Thank you, Thank you. Amen.

I have also come to understand that from time to time our (bodily) energy systems might require energy upgrades/ optimizations - so feel free to ask for such as well!

(N.B. I call it a 'perfect' prayer, as it includes all the wisdom an understandings I have found so far. I am in no way saying that there is only one perfect prayer, or that you have to believe it is perfect as well.)

Love and Light!