Empath (swollen) Aura Cleansing Meditation

Years ago I used to have a huge aura. This was confirmed by several sensitives. My spiritual healing tutor had mentioned that supposedly people, who progress spiritually, have their aura size increase. So I just accepted it as a sign of spiritual advancement. I did suffer form CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) though, and I did regular work on my chakras, and other energy organs. When checking my aura once, I had this vision of having loads of tiny little black lumps in it. I came to understand that my aura was not advanced, but swollen! I had loads of negative energies (the black lumps) and my aura had encapsulated them, so that they would cause as few problems as possible. But in order to do so, my aura had increased in size considerably.  I did not really understand that I am an empath back then, so I was not too sure where all that negative energy came from, but I understood that I had to clear it. So I did some long, thorough aura cleansing meditations, and after 2 or 3 of them, my aura shrank back to a normal size!

Nowadays I sometimes read in online empath forums who some empath have problems leaving the house. Just going to the supermarket drains them, and some say they feel all the other shoppers! It does remind me of my CFS times. Back then I might just spend 15min going for a food shop, and needed to recover a minimum of 2 hrs after getting back home! Now I do love being an empath, but feeling too much can simply be overwhelming, and potentially very draining. These days I do not have that problem anymore. Sure, a Christmas shop, spending a few hours in a busy city centre, I’ll still come home aching, but my weekly big supermarket shop is no problem anymore… (NB I still feel plenty, and life can still be tough, but on average life is more manageable)

Since I work as a masseur and spiritual healer, I sometimes attract empaths as clients. If they are not aware they are empaths, I frequently find their auras being overly large too, with plenty of negative energies sequestered in them too. And after putting some healing intention on their aura being cleansed, they usually leave with a more compact aura!

So when I treated one such client the other day (his aura felt as big as a house), I put one and one together. If people are empaths, and feel a lot of energies, including negative ones, but are not aware they are empaths, and that their bodies often require support to get rid of all the negative energies picked up over time, there might be an increased chance that their auras will be where they store those negativities, which their bodies and aura could not excrete themselves. Having a large aura though, and being in a busy place, one will end up with people walking through one’s aura, and the risk of negative energy transfer might well increase. Plus when our auras touch, it might well be even easier to ‘feel’ another person!

Since it is years ago, since I did those aura cleansings, I cannot say for sure, if afterwards I felt less drained when leaving the house, but my intuitions seem to make sense. Plus if you are super sensitive, and have problems in busy places, checking, and if need be clearing your aura, will not harm you. If I am right , It might make your venturing-outside-live more effortless too!


If you are not sure how to clear your aura, here is a suggested meditation:

I do remember those meditations taking a good while. Definitely more than an hour, perhaps as much as three? But I am sure your helpers will help you split the work into shorter sessions, if you do not have that much time. Once I find something, I am usually impatient, and want to get rid of it asap!

Before any healing work, I ‘Mind the GAP’ (G.A.P. – Grounding, Attunement, Protection).

Grounding – connect consciously to healthy healing Earth energies. Just visualize two beams of Light, that come up from deep in the Earth, and connect to your heels. If you have problems visualizing, you can always just verbalize your requests – e.g. ‘I ask to be perfectly connected to healthy Earth energies, and that they please help me with my spiritual work. Amen’

Attunement -  attuning is connecting to your Higher Power(s) (however you may call it/ them. I call mine - Ultimate Good). It is very similar to grounding, just on other levels. Since I do not know where my e.g. guardian angels live, I just ask my Ultimate Good spiritual Helpers to connect to me. I.e. my chakras, Hara, Kundalini and Soul Star. I ask them for as much help and guidance as necessary, possible, and sensible, for the upcoming work, please!

Protections – I just ask my Ultimate Good helpers for these too, but you could visualize a protective bubble of Light around yourself and your aura. Perhaps place some protective symbols on the bubble too, like some pentagrams.

Now ask your Higher Self and your helpers for a perfect Aura cleansing. As much as necessary, possible, and sensible. As effortless and safe as possible please!

I then often talk to my bodies, or those of my clients. I tell them that potentially many negative energies are going to pass through now, and that they should please try their best to not resist them/ react to them. Also to please not try to cleanse out everything at once, but in an orderly manner, which does not clog up the exits, such as the chakras.

Sometimes portals open up next to me, so that my bed (which I am lying on) is surrounded by healing dimensions and helpers. I might see crystal temples, lie inside a mountain with healing crystals, in the middle of nature, or just in a sea of Light!

Often it feels as if the cleansed energies do not just leave through the chakras and the grounding, but like our helpers suck them out directly, by e.g. using spiritual syringes, poking into the aura, and sucking out negative energy bits. Some energy lumps are beamed out (like in Star Trek, the negative energies are directly transponded out)… If you do not see or feel anything, that is alright too. I did not see to much, when I started off on my healing journey! You might fall asleep too, which is not problem either!

When you have had enough, or you feel like it has been enough for that session, just slowly come out of the meditation. Focus on your grounding. Make sure you are fully back in our body. Give thanks to all the energies and beings that have helped!

See if you feel better, and if anything changes. I’d be very happy to receive feedback!