Self made Wifi and EM homeopathic nosode!

EM, WIFI, radiowaves etc have been shown to potentially disaffect human and animal health (some are obviously more disaffected than others, and some belief that those who feel disaffected are imagining it, but that is another discussion). It is near impossible to escape them though. So I have decided to create a homeopathic remedy to help my body cope better…..

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Why meditate? – The Emotional Cleanse!

Meditation seems to be ever more en vogue (well, I might be prejudiced as I workin the industry, and mainly hang out on e.g. spiritual Facebook forums, but it seems to be featuring more in mainstream media too!). Meditation is said to have many beneficial effects, e.g. :

-  It can help to calm the mind, help us manage stress

-  heighten one’s senses and intuition,

- we can learn to view emotions and thoughts more detached (to not be drawn in as much anymore,  especially by negative thoughts and emotions),

- and ultimately it may supposedly help us reach  some state of enlightenment.

I’d like to talk about another potential benefit of meditation though – The Emotional Cleanse!

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How to easily deepen your Spiritual Practice - Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness etc.

Now I know that for many all information in this article will be second nature already, but in my massage and healing practice I am still at times amazed how many of my clients, doing Yoga, Meditation or Mindfulness, even in teacher led courses, do not know anything about some considerations and techniques, which are easy and can really deepen and empower ones spiritual practice.

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The anatomy of the Human Energy bodies - Chakras, Aura, Kundalini, Hara and Soul Star

There is many sources where on can read about the chakras and the aura, fewer probably to read about the Kundalini and or Hara, but I have found very few that try to combine all different human energy systems and explain how they might interconnect and influence each other....

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Empaths – Energy Dynamics, Misconceptions, and Healing Tools

What is an empath, and how to overcome the challenges of being an empath  - are all the rage in the spiritual/ esoteric scene currently. I cannot identify with many of them though, and there seem to be some common misunderstandings and confusions.....

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Smoking and Spirituality

I thought I should write a few words about my experiences as a spiritual person and healer, re smoking and quitting smoking. The following might well include some aspects of smoking and stopping smoking, which are not likely to be mentioned in regular stop smoking literature.....

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Why Copper Heelers might work – a spiritual/ energetic perspective

You might have seen people wearing copper bracelets, which are said to potentially alleviate arthritis pains? For a few years now there is copper heelers on the market too. What is the spiritual explnation why they might well work?

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Differences between Craniosacral Therapy and Spiritual Healing

Perhaps you too wondered at some point what Craniosacral Therapy is, or what indeed Spiritual Healing is, and how the two compare? A client of mine suggested I learn Craniosacral Therapy next, to add to my repertoire of bodywork and energy work therapies, so I endeavored to find out more about Craniosacral Therapy. I did some general internet research and booked myself a session.

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Suggested Arguments for De-radicalization and how to protect against Radicalization

I argue that we cannot just lock up extremists and throw away the key - if we do not understand what turned them extreme and manage to argue on their level, which in case of religious fanatics is understanding and talking about the nature of The Divine, a dialogue might become impossible. The main reason why e.g. I personally was afraid to seek professional help after leaving a cult was that I feared  I would be told that believing in The Divine and feeling energies is pathological in the first place....Understanding the psychology of radicalization and brain washing could also help us to prevent kids (and adults) being 'turned' awry in future....

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A Heart for Narcissists

So I have just cone out of a relationship with a guy with apparent full blown narcissistic personality disorder. A look at his Facebook profile is very telling- it boasts nearly daily updates of bare-chested selfies, with comments such as: ‘Feeling great’; ‘Looking good’; ‘Working hard at the gym”. I had been in a relationship with one before – ten years ago, so I should have been able to read the signs, but I still fell for him. What happened? Was I stupid? Naïve? Blinded?  - Maybe a bit of all? Mainly though this article is about trying to figure out what was real, what wasn’t, and if I should love or hate him now?

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